A Spicy Egg!
Posted July 25, 2018 at 02:39 am
To date, every single page of Cassiopeia Quinn has been written on a copy of Microsoft Word 2007. It only recently occurred to me... hey, that's pretty old software!

Collaborators haven't complained because .docx is such a widely-used format. But it's gotten me curious... are there improvements to Word that have been made in the past decade? Stuff that I should be taking advantage of? Somebody in the know, please tell me!

- Gunwild

So I've been trying to get healthier these days, thanks to Patreon money and funds I picked up a Fitbit and an account with Fitstar! It's actually been a good program for me, just keeps me on track doing challenging exercises daily. And the fitbit app helps keep me checking my calorie intake.

Still doesn't help me avoid losing track of time, and having periods of existential crisis which cause page delays. But that's what getting help from Brellom is for. Thanks again for the color assistance, Brell.

- Psu

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