Like, Zoiks!
Posted January 13, 2018 at 03:28 pm
Wait a minute, a page update and it's NOT a random Tuesday morning at 7am? Holy cow. Maybe we should just make every page a comic about the team driving to a new planet in a mystery machine.

Also, since a couple people asked in the comments last time, I figure there's no harm in explaining the Patreon pinup picture a little more. It's actually a nice one of Maddy and Cassiopeia BUT in a "behind the scenes" scenario which is a play off of the first pinup sketch I did set in the same 'behind the scenes" world. But now the comic is something of a success, thanks to readers and patrons like you!

- Psu

This week I've been reading the webcomic Mermaid Comics. It features some cute marine life dying for jokes, sure, but still, the mermaids themselves are cuties, and it makes me chuckle!

- Gunwild

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