Give Peas a Chance
Posted January 8, 2018 at 12:00 pm
Thought for the week: Knowledge is temporary. Ignorance is forever.

Other thought for the week: If you put the cereal in the bowl first, you can pour the milk over it to make sure every piece gets milky flavor.

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- Gunwild

It's seven am! I should get to sleep! But I'm pretty happy with this page even though it's quite late. I knew we wanted to get a Christmas comic out, as we've done so every year. But thanks to just being late with pages in general, the timing wasn't quite right to get something like this out on the week of the holiday. Still, we usually like to explore side plots and different characters with the spirit of the season, and 2017 of all years wasn't going to be the exception.

I had planned on just drawing this page really quickly, and doing a rough sketchy looking page, not unlike the pencil sketch pages you saw during the first year of the comic. But as production on Cassiopeia has gone on, my own standards rise with it. Though that brings up some tough challenges when it comes to getting the page out there. But gosh, I do love seeing the pages in color. After I'm done with them of course.

- Psu

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