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Posted July 13, 2016 at 08:42 am

Last week Psu and I cooked up a guest comic for Miss Melee. You should read Miss Melee, even though our installment isn't up yet! And when you're done, just keep reloading the website until you see our page appear. Of course, you should also be reloading the Cassiopeia Quinn site at the time, too! So, make sure you have two monitors, that's all I'm saying.

I hope we can sell Nizka's shirts one day, among the other ideas we've had for merchandise. They're all pretty good ideas, or at least I think so... you guys would buy 'em to help some webcomic folks out, right? Right?!

- Gunwild

In unrelated matters, when I see the Amazon Prime Day sale or whatever they're calling it, I think a lot of the people I know were upset there wasn't much gear or gaming stuff. I'd liked to have seen some of that too myself, but I have to admit I was pretty much scrolling the kitchen wares section of which there were a number of interesting items. Interesting to me anyway.

I find myself feeling really old when I start looking at sets of Tupperware with divided sections, and getting kinda excited. I've starting to think of things like, "If I make all my food on Sunday and slip it into these containers I can feast for a week!" And then, WOW I guess I never thought I'd be making comics about space babes AND portioning my week of food. Oh well. Anyone know any good recipies?

EDIT 7/20/16: Sorry guys for the extreme lateness on the upcoming page. I'm afraid it's my cat from back home, who seems to be on her last legs. I'm a lot more emotional about it than I thought I'd be.

- Psu

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