So Terribly Pleased With Herself
Posted August 12, 2016 at 05:49 am

In one of the best Humble Bundles ever, we've got such creators as Kurt Busiek, Cary Nord, Peter David, Pop Mhan, Adam Hughes, Terry Dodson... really too many of my favorites to name. And you can give however much you want for all these DRM-free comics, and support charity at the same time. So uh, please do!

(And remember to read that Miss Melee guest comic we did if you missed it!)

- Gunwild

At some point in No Man's Sky, I expect to find and name an appropriate looking planet to be the Vanaa homeworld.

- Psu

P.S. I spent some time this morning reading the comments from last week's comic. And thank you all for writing. Thank you all for reading about what happened to my cat and sharing your condolences. I replied to a few of them, I'm sorry if it's not so elegant a response to your responses. I think we'll be okay though. Empathy shows we can still feel, and still remember our friends.

- Psu

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