Posted September 23, 2014 at 12:00 am

Gosh, what a stuffed page. Look at all those new characters! It's not obvious at the moment that they'll all have roles to play (nor should it be, since that would break the pacing something fierce), but they sure do make themselves noticeable from the start, don't they? Hopefully you'll see that crew of spacefolks and think, "I'd like to know more about them!" 'Cause you will.

Other stuff: The bonus gallery has updated again with art by folks we like and you should like too. Also, when you're done over here, try clicking the new Hiveworks logo on the left to find a bunch more fun webcomics to read. We'll probably establish permanent links to some faves of ours soon, of course.

That's how this whole scene works, you know! You hafta promote each other. It's all very punk rock.

- Gunwild

Ya know you've got a good collaborator when you get a page with rough character ideas and they let you run with it, and then they work with your designs and create real characters from them then you both work together on how a bunch of throw away background characters who could've just disappeared become a pretty integral part of your total cast. But I'm getting ahead of the story, aren't I?

Unrelated, why can't Ren Faires happen all year? I got to sit down and listen to a Viking tell me stories while some fairies danced around to an ancient instrument I didn't know the name of. Also I saw a Star-Lord cosplayer there. It was rad.

- Psu


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