Yours Truly
Posted September 19, 2014 at 12:26 am

Hope everybody's doin' fantastic!

'Round these parts we're still learning the webcomic ropes, and Cassiopeia was originally written as a regular read-it-straight-through type of comic, not a twice-weekly thing. So, you're not gonna find it offering you a gag on every page like a lot of other great webcomics do. Not at this stage, anyway. It'll lend itself to the format a little better later on, once you guys get to the pages where we actually knew it would be released like this. And I do enjoy the last panel of this one a lot as a capper. Good "Yuh-oh!" face.

I also like leaving the audience spending a couple of days in suspense, wondering what's gonna happen next. Do you have any idea, faithful readers? 

- Gunwild

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