She thought that was where the cappucino maker would be.
Posted March 20, 2015 at 11:26 pm

I think I need to ease up on the bold text... I've been reading Fred Van Lente's issues of Marvel Adventures Spider-Man, and he does it, like, all the time. It probably rubbed off on me extra-hard, but I'm not an expert so it's gotten kinda scattershot.

Golly gee, I've now played the Dragon Age series up to Inquisition, and I'm having a hard time not buying that game only a day after finishing 2 (even though I really shouldn't because money)! How did you cats who had to wait like three years tolerate it?

- Gunwild

Why the hell did no one tell me that First Blood was a movie about post traumatic stress? That it was a fairly serious flick that, though exciting, was about how the experience of war twists you? Man... that was a pretty good flick. Kinda makes all the rest of the Rambo movies like some kinda fever dream.

Unrelated to that, Bloodborne comes out next week. Like I need any more distractions in my life!

- Psu

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