Posted December 19, 2014 at 03:20 pm

In the week before Christmas a lot of webcomics are gonna tell you that they're going on hiatus and won't have updates until the new year... but not us, baby! We're gonna have some neat, totally-canon comic strip updates for the whole festive season. Don't even think about not coming back to enjoy them! Share the warmth of the holidays with us, damn you! Share!

Story pages will be back soon, but until then we'll leave you on Maddy making a shocked face. Oh, and on another note, I want to assure everyone that despite The Colbert Report ending, Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream ice cream flavor will still be available for a long time to come. I was nervous, so I did the research. We're gonna be okay, everyone. We will still be able to buy ice cream with bits of waffle cone already in it.

- Gunwild

First thing I wanna say, I hope ya'll apprecieate that when webcomic artists go on "vacation" what we really mean is we're gonna continue updating but just something different and sometimes actually harder to do.



Humankind was not meant to experience both the Finale of Colbert and Avatar in the same one hour time span.

Ugh, I need to get away from the keyboard and tumblr and internet and tv. I'm an emotional WRECK! A HAPPY EMMOTIONAL WRECK!

See you guys at Christmas!

- Psu

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