Posted December 16, 2014 at 12:02 am

What does nudity mean to a Vanaa, anyway? Well, I have some actually serious notions, but they're all complicated... and not as good as the silliness of the gag. Also, thanks to them being out of the red light, we can now see that Skwidj is deep blue... meaning he matches up with a certain gift we were given a little while back. What are the odds?

In case anyone hasn't been keeping up, we're answering questions on the Tumblr and reblogging lotsa neat fanart and stuff. One of the questions that's come in a couple of times is how to donate or give us stuff in this festive season. While we're not planning on opening a tip jar yet, please feel free to email your holiday greetings, fanart, electronic gift cards, and $130,000 cases of custom-blended Johnnie Walker whiskey to cassiopeiaquinn@comic.com. Or, just as good, tell us what you think about the comic there or in the comments. We love that, and really do read what everyone says!

- Gunwild

Oh man, I freakin' love Ikea furniture. I mean, it's all so modular and simple. You can get away with a lot of personalization in what is at its core very impersonal design. It's like house LEGO.

Anyway, on that note it looks like we've run down our buffer. WHOOPS. Gotta get crackin' on those drawings. And not getting addicted to this Twitter thing. It's pretty cool, starting to like it. Expect more updates and stuff through that!

- Psu


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