Let Your Conscience be Your Crosshairs
Posted January 16, 2015 at 02:30 am

Oh Theira, you gun-crazy silly bug-type-alien-person. Hm, maybe I shoulda asked for a farther-out zoom to show that the one ship is docked by basically hanging off of the side of the other. Oh well, you'll see it next page.

I've been replaying Dragon Age: Origins because the first time I went through, I got an ending that can't carry over to the Awakening and Witch Hunt expansions and still have make sense. That's annoying. Not that it's a bad game or a chore to play twice, but, y'know, I'm trying to do like Theira and Kettering and work through a backlog, here!

Speaking of backlogs, I'm really trying to get through everything I received to read over Christmas. The Black Company stories by Glen Cook I got are interesting, but I'm having a tough time picking them up if I take a few days between reading sessions. I consider myself at least fair at keeping a big cast of characters sorted, but when they tell you it's a company of mercenaries you'll be following, you really kinda get the whole company at once and are expected to keep track. It's embarrassing to admit it, but it definitely threw me at first. When I finish the collection, I'll mention whether I recommend it overall or not.

- Gunwild

No one's sadder than I am at having a Black and White page again. Ah well.

- Psu


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