Posted November 11, 2014 at 12:04 am

So we've had our first "Aw, I read through the archive and now have to wait for updates!" comment. Very gratifying. I've left my share of those on webcomics I enjoy. Keep 'em coming.

Anyway, if Psu gets to talk about video game problems most updates, then I get to lament that All-New X-Factor, one of my favorite Marvel comics, is cancelled as of issue #20... but also mention that the same writer, Peter David, is doing Deadpool's Art of War, a four-issue miniseries I'm also enjoying and that you can probably pick up at your local comic shop right now. I mention that because you should pick it up, okay? I'm pretty sure it's available digitally too. I always want to write comics that are fun to read, more than anything, and that one certainly is.

Okay, that's a note on something geeky. I'm sure next time I'll have stuff to say about Assassin's Creed Unity, since it's coming out in a day (no spoilers, though). Allons-y!

- Gunwild

One of the things I constantly struggle with in art is consistency. And I don't mean like, just producing regularly, though that's something of a trouble spot as well. What I mean is following the same processes and method from page to page and project to project.

I have plans throughout a sketch or at the start of a sketch, but sometimes I'll just start doing something different without giving much thought as to why as long as the effect is pleasing at the moment. This can work in creating neat pieces that are interesting every time. But it's a problem on a long form comic. You can start seeing, for good or bad, differences between pages. Big ones even from the previous page to the next. Ah well. Just another thing to struggle with.

What I don't have to worry about, is not being able to beat Aetheon, Time's Conflux.


- Psu

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