I Like to Feel the Space in my Hair
Posted February 6, 2015 at 11:43 pm

So this week I had a pretty good time reading Chaos in the Tropics by Scribblehatch. Its world-setup-with-sudden-superpowers-added story reminded me a bit of reading library copies of CrossGen trades way back when. Uh, that sentence probably makes sense to almost no one. But it's true!

The plan for next week is to make sure we provide you readers with a few Cassiopeia-themed Valentines to give your sweeties. Or your coworkers. Or, you know, your pets. Just make sure you've got some ink ready for the most important job of your printer's life, is all I'm saying!

- Gunwild

You know what would be a nice idea, if for every bit of art I finish, someone does a Daily quest for me in Destiny. Not that I don't like playing the game myself! But I'm torn between my love of going full color on these pages, and grinding for mad loots! And if I only had to pick one, I supose I'll do color...

But I sure wouldn't mind if my characters could level up for me doing other stuff. Man... that'd be great. I'd totally sign up for an RPG that levels up for good job performance. It's the new, "your parents giving you an extra 10 dollars for good grades!"

- Psu

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