The Hallmark of Webcomic Quality
Posted February 10, 2015 at 05:12 am

Zeke's not the type to let a card talk for him, even if he has to stammer to say what he means.

Credit to Psu's stream-follower Rumrusher for the words in the first Valentine up there. It takes more effort than I'd have imagined to come up with corny greeting card lines!

Since it's become the norm to fill up these newsposts with something and I haven't picked this week's webcomic recommendation yet, I want to mention that I found out a positively huge number of episodes of The Rifleman are free on Hulu.

Now, that show's from 1958, so obviously it's well before my time and this isn't a case of your old grampy telling you TV used to be better in his day (and that you kids today need to watch black and white cowboy shows to understand his cowboy robot guy). What I am saying is that it's episodic and fun, and like most Western stories there are very simple, effective setups for both drama and action. There are far worse programs to study if you'd like to learn how to write that sort of thing (What is a spaceship theft, really, but a stagecoach hijacking... in space?). Although I might just be saying that because they don't have Gunsmoke up there.

- Gunwild

So why in the world did no one tell me that Jupiter Ascending is out? Why would anyone think, that after knowing me for a while, that bad Rotten Tomato scores will deter me from seeing something from the Wachowskis (or anything I'm even remotely interested in seeing). If anything has been true about the Wachowskis, as bad and awkward as they can be, they're filmakers of remarkable conviction. And I will pay good money for that every time.

- Psu


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