A Shooting Star
Posted February 24, 2015 at 11:31 pm

Maddy sailing through the air gracefully and then adjusting well to a change in gravity is supposed to show that she's got well-learned training on how to operate in these situations. Cassiopeia would appear to just be so naturally... airy as a person that she never gets out of sorts while floating.

- Gunwild

Psu goes for the last minute shot! Gooooaaaaaaaallllll!

If I were to design a ship for practicality, I probably wouldn't make an all encompassing view screen like this. For one, a pilot or crew would be subjected to all kinds of spacial light phenomena, even if translated through viewscreens. There's the possibility of losing orientation in a spacial enviroment, and of course there's the looming fear of just staring all around you at emptiness.

There is a lot to worry about in space! And maybe just showing us images of nice places and stuff while the ship does its thing navigating the vast emptiness is better.

Still, I love being able to draw these panels. And woldn't trade it for all the practicality in the world.

Also we cloned Maddy twice to better capture pirates. All priates have been warned.

- Psu

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