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Posted February 20, 2015 at 06:17 am

So this week, if you're some kinda MMORPG playing neeerd (and let's be honest, if you're reading this there's a good chance that you are) I would like to recommend Clique Refresh by Amy Falcone to you. It's a webcomic without a huge archive yet, so you can catch up in no time if you like what you see.

You know, we were ONE day off from updating on the Lunar New Year. I would have insisted we do a special strip for Chinese New Year... yeah, we do too many holiday-ish updates as it is, but I like them! Besides, how many chances to you get in life to do sci-fi calendar-based humor relating to sheep?

- Gunwild

One of the things I have going right now is our Picarto Art Stream, which is as much a hang out place to watch shows and movies and junk. It's a bunch of fun but it's also kinda got a secret clubby thing going on. It's not private, but I don't exactly share the link all that often. I like the people we got! Not that I wouldn't like you guys there, to be sure.

But I really like it cause now it's getting to the point where Multistream makes it feel like an art club like I used to roll with. We'd get art done, way into the morning. And then get breakfast and stuff. Except this time we can't all go to the diner together. Until someone really develops teleportation and junk. Anyway. I could really go for some bacon.

- Psu

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