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Posted May 22, 2015 at 12:05 am

Important news in Psu's text!

I don't have a ton to add... I did see a movie recently, though, so I guess I could talk about that!

I kind of wish I'd liked Avengers: Age of Ultron more than I did. The first Avengers is my favorite superhero movie, the one I spent my entire life thinking could not possibly happen. It's not that this sequel let me down in a lot of departments, but aside from it feeling much too long, there are so many important things I don't understand. Even if I avoid spoilers... why would Thanos have given Loki the scepter in Avengers if that's what was inside it? Why did Ultron wanna destroy the... everything? Why did Tony Stark have multiple armors he was actively using after trying to quit the business at the end of Iron Man 3? To me, all of those matters should have had scenes dedicated to them, instead of the action sequences overstaying their welcome. Well, so I think, anyway. I'm notoriously unforgiving about even small plot holes. I'd give up a lot of CGI robot-punching to fill even one.

And about the action, I dunno... maybe Winter Soldier's action scenes where you can consistently tell what's going on kind of spoiled me. Here's looking forward to the Russos taking over the Avengers reins. Anyway, my impression right now is that Mad Max: Fury Road will end up as my movie of the summer (once I finally see it). Here's hoping!

- Gunwild

I'll be honest, I'm not very good at the text update part of comics. But I do need something of a catchup period to get a LOT of things done including commissions and coloring pages so the last chapter gets a bit better consistency. It sounds like a week won't be enough to do that. But I'll take what I can get! You'll still get some nice art over the next week, I gotta finish the ads and make some comics and fun stuff. So it's not even really a vacation. Just playing catch up with a runaway train.

- Psu

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