Cake Innaface!
Posted May 5, 2015 at 11:45 pm

Maybe you guys can help me out with an important quandary! Do we have any readers familiar with this matter?

Finally, a store near me has started selling Tim Tams. They're not too widespread in America, even though Pepperidge Farm has been importing them for years. Now I can reliably buy my favorite Chewy Caramel variety, which makes me happy. Only problem is, I'm a dunker. I dunk all my cookies (or biscuits, if you prefer) in milk, and I want them thoroughly sogged-up before I ever enjoy them.

A Tim Tam is chocolate-coated treat, and so it's hard to give them a proper soaking. You have to take some of the chocolate off, but even if you snap them in half you can't get the milk into all corners of the crunchy cookie parts. And the caramel only complicates matters!

Is there a proper way to dunk a Tim Tam in milk so that it softens throughout? I'm aware of the practice of the Tim Tam Slam and have tried sucking a hot beverage through one, but it's not my preferred method.

If anyone is in the know on this subject (perhaps an Australian who is not presently under attack by an eastern brown snake and can reach their computer), please enlighten me in the comments!

- Gunwild

Sorry, feeling sneezy and sick. I'll be with ya'll in color eventually. For this page and the last one.

Apologies, the top half isn't finished yet but I figured it'd be nice for you guys to see just how delicious that choco-late cake is.

- Psu


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