What Color is Your Hat?
Posted January 18, 2019 at 01:48 am

Psu sure draws a cozy camp for someone who hates the idea of camping in real life, don't you think?

This Dynamite Entertaimment affair is the finest comics Humble Bundle in a while. At the same time one is running for Deadly Class, which has a new show from SyFy! Please check them out, 'cause you'll help good causes and maybe even run across your new favorite comic. (Your favorite after Cassiopeia Quinn, of course!)

- Gunwild

Sorry for the delay again folks. Combination of general depression and laziness. And the toilet leaking into my office wasn't that good either. Still, pretty happy with this page. Went overboard on the rendering but it was worth it for those stars...

- Psu

This is a really pretty page; I'm glad Psu & Gun work hard to make this really cool comic. It's also scratching an itch for cowboying while I wait for Red Dead Online to update. The red/blue duality is always an aesthetically pleasing colour combination. Don't forget to eat & sleep.

- Brellom

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