By Popular Demand
Posted January 5, 2019 at 06:58 am

Happy New Year, dudes.

Just in case anyone was having trouble with this, by the way, the Patreon has been updated with a comprehensive list of links to all the past pinups. Until now it's been a little tricky to find them, even if you were paying for them. And that's no good!

- Gunwild

Happy new year folks. Been some ups and downs already.

This page is something of a throwback to a really old way I used to draw and color comic pages. I’m working on some kinks in it but as far as producing the page goes, it’s much faster and I stay more engaged in the process. I’ll work on getting it up to par with the past few chapters but for now I enjoy the look. And I hope you guys enjoy this look into Zeke’s past.

- Psu

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