That Train Has Sailed
Posted February 24, 2019 at 01:00 am

I opened up my copy of the short story collection "Skeleton Crew" by Stephen King last night. Wanted to get in a short story before bed, right? So I start reading "The Mist" and I'm noticing it seems pretty slow-paced... and then flipping ahead, I find that it's 127 pages long! That's not a short story! That's the opposite of short!

- Gunwild

Gunwild wants me to write a newspost. Uh... I can't recommend Anthem. But I can't say I'm not playing Anthem. Don't go into it just because you love Bioware, even though I love Bioware. But it is pretty fun. If... you like the sort of thing Anthem is. But I don't know if Anthem knows what it is, yet.

- Psu

I've yet to purchase Anthem and Psu has been sending me mixed messages about it! I did play the demo and I really liked customizing the robot and looking at my robot butt. I have a lot of video games I really need to get around to though. I'm playing through the earlier Kingdom Hearts games before starting KH3, for instance.

Psu used one of my efficient colouring techniques on this page (completely unprovoked). That means Psu is learning... Learning Psu how to be more efficient seems like a worthwhile endeavor, and I think it'll be overall better for their health too! So you're welcome, everyone. You're welcome.

- Brellom

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