Ya Gotta Care
Posted March 4, 2019 at 02:31 am
Things are sorta getting back to normal for me with the cough having mostly gone away. I'm even going to the gym again, and going out and doing stuff. Like Seeing Battle Angel. Did I mention I really liked the Battle Angel movie? I don't really have a problem with big eyes... anyway, thanks for stickin around. See ya next page.

- Psu

This time I'm the one who's tired. At least I'm busy! After a day's writing I've gotten into the habit of lying in bed and watching The Dragon Prince on Netflix. Good show, yet another one of those things I like so much I wish I'd written it.

By the way, is there another word for those dresses than "Saloon Dress?" Because that's the only term I kept finding in my research that really nailed it, but I've been wrong before...

- Gunwild

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