Hello, Space Cowboy
Posted March 18, 2019 at 03:53 am

Okay so like, under the suggestion from about half of my friends, so many of whom said "This is totally your thing." I started watching the Netflix animated anthology, Love, Death, and Robots. And yep, it's absolutely my thing. I've only seen 4 episodes and it's pretty great. The second story is like an extended Cassiopeia Quinn gag.

It's also incredibly adult and not safe for work, so I'm not even sure I should even talk about it here. I won't get into all the nuances in a newspost that's for sure. The first episode is the most problematic so far, as dark fantasies. I can't recommend it for everyone, not without plenty of warnings.

What I do WANT to recommend to everyone without warning them what's in it, is Sorry to Bother You. Holy cow that movie was amazing. And uh... it's ALSO rated R for a reason. I should really stop talking about adult rated movies and shows in this news post...

- Psu

I was gonna say he should have kept that star to use as a coaster or something, but I guess liquid would drip right through. Dang!

- Gunwild

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