Posted March 25, 2019 at 04:43 am

Oops. Ah, well. Maybe it's good to change the status quo now and then.

- Gunwild

I've somehow managed to get a couple weekends of my life back. IE, I've been getting back on schedule for work, finishing pages a little bit earlier so I can have a day to rest upĀ  or even be social. I even got to go out of town this weekend, to see my friend perform in community theater production of "The Fox on the Fairway." I had no idea what the story, but it was fun in a way that was both predictable and unpredictable? Does that make sense? It's like, you can see the happy ending coming a mile away. But it still takes so many twists and the characters get into such goofy shenanigans you can't help but enjoy it.

- Psu

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