Thanks for Remembering
Posted November 24, 2021 at 07:46 am

Hey folks, I wanted to get this done a little earlier but I ended up getting an appointment for a vaccine booster pretty early so I went for it. And it kinda tired me out all day. I'd still totally recommend getting one if you can but yeah, it can be exhausting. That said, I wanted to get it before Thanksgiving this week so I can worry less about infection with my family. We're all pretty careful sorts of people but it's important that we all take it seriously.

Oh and hey... speaking of things important to me. It's almost exactly 7 real-life years ago that we last saw the Omni-Scrubber. A lot has changed since then... It's been kinda special to me, seeing the two pages side by side.

- Psu

I'm thankful that we get to do this, and that folks support the Patreon so that we can continue. I can't actually find a way to properly express my gratitude that people actually read this comic of ours, though.

(That means you!)

- Gunwild

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