Cue "Viva Las Vegas"
Posted July 1, 2015 at 06:00 am

Psu insisted on a double-page spread for this one, so here it is! Just, uh, scroll over to the right if it's too big to fit on your monitor. Or check out the whole thing at hi-res HERE.

I really dig that Vanaatriloquist. I would pay to go see him.

"Self has known some solid solids, Woody, but your density outstrips theirs in both the literal and figurative senses!"

"I take offense to that remark! I am not the one whose human impression is just using correct English pronouns without even changing his voice! Besides... how impressive is ventriloquism when you do not have a mouth to begin with?

 "Tushee, Woody, tushee!"

Anyway, initially I wanted to offer some kind of prize for whoever could name every needlessly obscure sci-fi reference we crammed into this picture, but that would be silly, not to mention unfair since there are some in there just belonging to pals of ours. Still, have fun! Oh, and happy Canada Day!

- Gunwild

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