What a Helpful Neighbor
Posted July 29, 2023 at 02:03 am

Seems like a lot can happen if you decide to go away for a couple weeks. I gotta say, I dislike the new management at Twitter. So I've been kinda going around exploring options for other social media sites. Been having fun at Tumblr and Bluesky but well... those places have their share of problems too. Basically I'm gonna be out on the internet sharing my stuff all kinds of places. And you can usually find all my personal work over on my personal patreon too. Not that Cassiopeia isn't personal. It's just got it's own patreon we're pretty proud of and I hope you guys enjoy. Thank you for all your support everyone. It helps when every other website seems to be exploding.

- Psu

Why can't the comic just be about helpful little Maddies assisting people? That seems more pleasant for all involved.
- Gunwild

I saw BarbenHeimer this week!! Separately though. Oppenheimer was amazing but I was mentally exhausted by the end. Barbie was a very lovely movie about moving beyond childlike innocence while retaining a very positive outlook on life!
It's actually so nice to see this generation of filmmakers come into their own. Movies are so great.
- Freeglass

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