Does It Bleed? It Will.
Posted March 27, 2016 at 11:48 am

Nimoo loves chocolate, and Talps... well, you know.

Anyone up for those DC Rebirth comics they were announcing creative teams for yesterday? Christopher Priest on Deathstroke... I've been waiting on another Priest comic for about twelve years now, I think. His Deadpool and Black Panther runs were very, very important to me. You figure those characters got so important, simultaneously, that he was awoken from some kind of comics-slumber to walk the earth again?

Uh, not trying to make some kind of joke about the holiday, there, just wondering if the timing while both of those super-people will be on the big screen is a coincidence...

- Gunwild

Sorry, the current page is taking a bit longer in the production pipeline than I expected. But there was also a holiday we could do a comic about. And you know we love our holiday comics! We actually think it's some of our best work, but I know you guys can't wait to find out what happens to your favorite crab.

We'll try to get two pages out this week, so you won't have to wait too long to get your serving of the adventures of Clawlossus and Friends. See you then, as long as my allergies don't descend on me vengefully this week.

- Psu

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