The Goo Shepherd
Posted November 14, 2016 at 12:21 am

Well, that last bit's a touch ominous. I hope a pile of lumpy bacon grease never says anything like that about me!

Since it went up midweek, we'd like to remind you that theĀ new pinup for Patreon supporters is live! It features a lotta Theira, a lotta guns, and not much clothing. She doesn't see the point in clothes so well, you can't shoot anybody with most of 'em. If you go for it, we really appreciate the help, and if you can't, we still think you're great for reading!

- Gunwild

Page was a little late. Sorry. Rough Week. Rough month really. Lets just say it's been a rough year and call it at that.

- Psu

Tags: clulu, krad, gleb
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