The Presence of Princely Presents
Posted December 5, 2016 at 02:23 am

Speaking of giving gifts, here is a cool thing I can recommend for this season o' giving! Because naturally, my taste is perfect. Utterly perfect.

Image Comics seems to have some kind of deal going with Amazon, so that the first volumes of some of their neat creator-owned comics are very, very affordable. Stuff I've recommended previously like Monstress and East of West  and Wayward are up to 25% off cover price. There are also popular choices like Lazarus, Wytches, and Copperhead. I like creator-owned comics (Cassiopeia Quinn is one, y'know), so I'm always happy to see good ones be easy to get.

- Gunwild

Seems I keep having bits of bad luck, but at least thanks to my Patreon and the Cassiopeia Patreon I've been better equipped to handle these things. IE, I have considerably more money. Looks like my phone is experiencing some major issues right now. I hope I can get this one straightened away with some know electronics know how.

(Quick update, a hard reset seems to have done the trick for now. Though I think I should reset the whole phone. I'm not quite sure if all my contacts are backed up on my Android here.)

- Psu

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