The Hallmark of Greatness
Posted December 10, 2016 at 05:03 am

Kwah is a tough guy, but he's actually very thoughtful about his gifts. For example, you might think a bag as small as the one he was carrying on the previous page just has a gift card in it. But in reality, he's picked up Prince Gleb some plant food for his little tree.

Also there for the makeday boy: a book from Maddy and a scepter (previously owned by some other royalty) from Cassiopeia. He's a very popular fellow!

- Gunwild

Man, there are so many movies I'd like to watch in the theater now. Maybe I should go do that this holiday...

I'd have a longer newspost for you guys. But it's 7am. I'm goin to bed. I might watch some more Lazy Game Reviews to fall asleep to. That's how I end a Friday evening makin comics.

- Psu

Tags: talps, kwah, nimoo, gleb, moc, kag
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