Blazing Masers
Posted February 5, 2016 at 06:20 am

Just in case anyone else came here from our Blaster Nation guest page to give me a piece of their mind: no, I didn't hate The Force Awakens. Learn to take jokes, chums, you'll have more fun. Also, welcome to the comic! We're happy to have you!

- Gunwild

This page was takin it out of me. Lookin at it I'm really happy with the result but there were so many fiddly elements that took so much time on the way to getting it done. Still, I think it gets the important stuff across. Not to mention Theira's creepy teeth. To be sure, no one's quite seen the full measure of Theira rage just yet. I think she still counts as "cute" by her species standards.

Anyway speaking of xenos, I got to reward myself for a couple days of drawing marathons with the new Xcom! Oh my gosh it's really really good. And it's super nerve wracking. And it's like they read my mind on what would make an excellent Xcom Enemy Within sequel. Good job Firaxis. I'm going to loose a bunch of hours to this one I'm sure.

- Psu

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