Posted May 6, 2016 at 06:46 am

And we're back! With... yet another reveal of someone using the main characters as pawns in a scheme of sort, because I like that kinda thing, evidently. You all thought he was really there for Cassiopeia, right? That worked, I hope? Okay, then.

You know, in the face of a bunch of disappointing reveals about upcoming things I should have been excited for, the Dawn of War III trailer was a pleasant surprise. And not just because I had no idea the game was in the works! (I filled out a Sega survey last year and specifically asked for it – did they decide to grant my wish? If that's the case, where's Skies of Arcadia 2?)

The preview itself is a tad surreal for my tastes, but it really offers a promise of what the fans want to see – huge-scale sci-fantasy warfare that's so absurdly grim you'll have to laugh (just like one of the evil, extra-dimensional gods swallowing the galaxy). Compare that to the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer becoming the most-disliked gaming video on YouTube, and I don't really know what to tell you, except that sometimes you've gotta give people what they came to see, yeah?

That being said, our next update we'll feature something you definitely don't wanna see! Unless you like for more sad stuff to happen to nice characters. Do you like that kinda sad stuff? Well, come back either way for the last page of the chapter. Then we can get back to some proper silliness!

- Gunwild

It occurs to me that Captain America: Civil War has come out today. I've been so out of it, I failed to make plans. For many normal human beings, seeing a movie on the first night of release isn't THAT big a deal. But to me, this was definitely unusual. I missed a lot of things the last week. Sorry bout that.

- Psu


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