My Heart is Racing
Posted October 22, 2015 at 03:39 am

Hey, dig this cool drawing of Cassiopeia by Tish, the artist of Modus Operandi!

And in related news, you can also catch this interesting cameo in a recent (safe for work) page of The Rock Cocks! It's canon. Trust me. There's a way. That comic is, as we've mentioned before, made by Brad and Leslie Brown, who are the whole reason we wound up with Hiveworks. That'd be a great reason to recommend their work, but I often do it anyway, because it's really good.

- Gunwild

Try as I might, I can never really make the process of finishing these pages faster to get the quality that I want out of it. So ultimately it'll have to be about me making more time to get these pages done. It's gonna be tough but it's gotta be done. I'd love to get these out in color in a timely fashion. And I hate being so late.

In other news, I won't go over all the details about how I'm going about this decision. But I'm considering "downgrading" from my great Yiynova MSP19U to a screenless current generation Wacom Intuos Pro. This is probably not going to positively impact my speed of working, if it'll impact my work flow at all. But it should be the best most open upgrade path for my options in the future.

- Psu


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