Hey, I Know You!
Posted November 4, 2015 at 10:30 pm

Waaait a minute, didn't we show at the beginning of this chapter that Headhunter was sending the Old Salt after Cassiopeia, and NOT Mercy? What's goin' on here?

A comic I bought today was the first issue of James Bond 007 from Dynamite, which was good, although I was a little disappointed to find it's set in the modern day. When I heard it was going to be about the "original, literary" James Bond, I kind of hoped it meant the brutal but useful government assassin from really early in the book series. Y'know, the guy who tooled around the Cold War world being a complete bastard to everyone, and ended up being super interesting because of it. At least they got the "comma of black hair" right.

- Gunwild

So people following my twitter and junk might know that I've recently picked up a Wacom Intuos Pro medium. The transition back to a screenless tablet has gone quite well actually! I anticipated some rough times with the lineart but this page actually had me much more confident. It's feelin pretty good! Ironically it'll also be about time when I go on "vacation" for a week thanks to Fallout 4 and because I need a vacation or else I'm gonna go insane. Talk to you about it laters!

- Psu

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