What Does That Mean?
Posted December 12, 2018 at 04:58 am

And there we go. I think that's the "end" of that chapter though we still have things to tell. A lot of things happened! There are also a lot of beautiful pages in here. But man, the production got way too hard on me and we lost a lot of time. It's good, proud work, but I'm gonna need to figure out ways to speed things up.

To be sure, it would help if I don't lose a couple months to just moping about, ever again.

We've got a couple christmas strips coming up. It wouldn't be Cassiopeia Quinn if we didn't have some special stories ready for the season.

- Psu

Our old pal Magi has gotten back into webcomic-making. He's a good artist, don'tcha think?

- Gunwild

When Psu and I first discussed the colors of this page, I mentioned wanting the scene to feel a bit like a somber car ride at the end of a long day, with the warm glow of the street lamps coming through the car windows. But then Headhunter had to interrupt everything and look cool! That's... that's a color theory joke right there. Anyway, it was really nice to do a simple page after all the complex pages this chapter was full of.

It seems Bloodborne and it's DLC are discounted on the Playstation Store, a definite steal of a price! It's not for everyone, it's one of those tough Dark Souls games; so not great if you're prone to anger... but it offers one of the coolest emotional experiences I've ever gotten from a game, so it's a game I can definitely recommend.

- Brellom

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