She Also Likes Bracelets
Posted December 19, 2017 at 11:50 pm

Heckin' rough coupla weeks... but on the plus side, at this time of the year there are usually some free video games to be found out there, if you're on the lookout!

As I type this, Layers of Fear is a giveaway item at the Humble Store, and Oxenfree is $0.00 on GOG. No irritating DRM strings attached, either. It's the holidays, so give yourself the gift of stuff that costs nothin'.

EDIT: Looks like those sales are over. I'm glad to hear that a couple of you guys scored the goods!

(Since somebody asked, here is a wishlist where you can buy me a game if you like. But I gotta warn you, I really don't need them! Much like Theira and Kettlehead, I have a formidable backlog of my own, with only the questionable power of a New Year's resolution to oppose it...)

- Gunwild

Man, I really wanna fall asleep right now. I miss sunlight.

On the plus side, my folks and I celebrated christmas early. It was a good time. Got everyone some nice books. But I'll be glad to be past the holidays already. Though I hope your own holidays are merry and as long as you want them to be.

- Psu

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