Posted September 12, 2014 at 12:00 am

Big thanks to everybody who's come around to check out a new comic, and more than that, those of you who've put the word out on social media and stuff. It'd be super hard to overstate how much of a difference that makes to a project like this that's just starting out and looking for its first few readers.

Before there's some kind of exhaustive dressing-down in the comments, the sound effects on this page are all things that Cassiopeia could hypothetically be experiencing through direct vibrations. Although remember, this is a soft sci-fi comic, so if we mess up on scientific accuracy please don't leave in disgust. We'd rather you put your No-Prize contestant hat on and try to work out an entertaining explanation of your own. Share it!

Just like with last update, I'm pleased to say there's new art in the Bonus Gallery, too. Check it out.

- Gunwild

When I got this script, I knew Gunwild got the spirit of this whole thing.

We kinda pull back and forth on what "feel" our science is, whether it's going too hard or too soft. But at some point we found a sweet spot that allowed us to hit all the right adventurous notes and keep fun front and center.

- Psu

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