Weirder Dealies
Posted October 23, 2016 at 08:39 pm

Props to Sattelite 9 of Magical Girl Neil fame for suggesting that Ashley's curly devil horns would help her have Princess Leia's cinnamon bun hairstyle in her costume. In the script I just wrote her dressing up as an angel. Not as good!

So, webcomics I've started reading this week: Saffron and Sage, which only just started, and iWish, which has been running for a while but I never heard about. Pretty surprised I didn't know about iWish, it's really the type of webcomic that got me to start reading them, back in the days of yore.

- Gunwild

So I'm gonna be starting a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign between me and a few friends. It's gonna be the first game I've run in 5th edition, which I hear is excellent all around. It's altogether the first campaign I've set out to run in something like 4 years. I'm really rusty! So I've got a lot to learn, and I've got a lot to figure out. Hopefully things end up going smoothly. Either that or I'll just have rocks fall and everyone dies.

- Psu

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