The Weeping Woman
Posted October 31, 2016 at 12:06 pm

Happy Halloween, reader-types! Remember to share your candy, some chills – and of course, the url to Cassiopeia Quinn! Yes, that's an appropriate treat. Why wouldn't it be?

There's some extra Halloweeny goodness to show and tell today. First thing is a pinup by our own Psu – normally you've got to join our Patreon to get access to those, but this one's a free bonus for the Miss Melee team. It's of Maddy dressed as the heroine of their comic. And then, over at Miss Melee, you can get a load of their title character dressed as our title character. Neat, right?

Have an awesome time tonight. Even if you're steering clear of direct festivities, check if something holiday-themed is on TV or Netflix or whatever... just enjoy scary stories, both classic and newer. My philosophy is that being afraid once in a while on purpose probably helps you deal with it in general.

- Gunwild

Sorry for being terse, it's been a LONG weekend and a lot of drawings to complete. Thank you for your support everyone! Oh, one thing though. Have you guys played the Google Doodle yet? My highest score was like 78,000! I think artists have a slight advantage with this particular game. Oh well, see you later.

- Psu

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